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Global Islamic Finance Report 2015 (GIFR)

GLOBAL ISLAMIC FINANCE REPORT 2015 (GIFR) like its predecessors, provides the most comprehensive analyses of activities, trends, new developments and progress of IBF globally. It commissions contributions from leading global practitioners and thinkers in the field combining technical experience and invaluable knowledge and insight to propel Islamic finance forward in the post recessionary global financial markets. The core theme of this year’s report is “Leadership in Islamic Banking and Finance” with chapters on Centres of Excellence in IBF, Leadership & Control in IBF and the the Leadership Role of Shari’a Scholars. In addition, the report includes developments in different industry segments and asset classes, expert analysis on the state of Islamic banking and finance globally. Along with the customary sections, Review of Industry Segments, Islamic Finance Country Index and Country Sketches, the GIFR 2015 endeavours to educate and incentivise those with a stake in the industry to continue pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation.

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